Montgomerie Links
Course Date
Location Danang, Vietnam
Yardage 7091 yards Par 72
Course Rating 74.5
Playing Date May 1, 2014
Designer Colin Montgomerie
Opened 2009
Caddie Yes
Golf Cart Yes (can be driven ont FW)
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction

The Montgomery Links a Links-style course consisting many features such as wide and hard fairways. The greens are generally large and undulating, and the bunkers are deep and challenging, and look appealing as their white color offers an interesting contrast to the green colors of the fairways and greens. The sandy-soil, wind-blown dunes and indigenous vegetation such as the pines and casuarinas combine in creating a nice landscape. Many water hazards & deep bunkers are strategically placed throughout the course, so the accuracy is important on this course.


5th green seen from 4th hole

Hole 4 Par 4 321 yards

Hole 4 Par 4 321 yards (2)

Hole 4 Par 4 321 yards (1)
very short par four with a dogleg bend to the right. With a downhill tee shot, long hitters will be able to carry the ball very close to the green. At around 235 yards from the tee ground, there is a pond that appears on the right side. Accuracy is more important over distance off the tee. The further the ball flies, the narrower the fairway guarded by bunkers becomes. Players can use a driver or lay-up by a utility or iron. The green is guarded with a lake to its right. A birdie is possible as long as players can hit a successful and accurate tee shot. This is a nice risk/reward hole.
Hole 5 Par 3 146 yards

Hole 5 Par 3 146 yards
Beautiful over-the-pond par three, which is not so challenging due to the short distance. The green is vertically wide and is protected by a bunker running along its entire front side, awaiting any miss shots. Since the green is only 20 yards deep, players need be careful of hitting over the green.意したい。
Hole 6 Par 5 487 yards
A relatively straight hole, which is a short par 5 with a downhill tee shot, making hitting the green in two shots possible. The wide green swings to the right with its front side facing a pond. On the second shot, players will have to decide whether to courageously aim for the green over the pond, or to play it safely and lay up.

6th green seen from the back

Hole 6 Par 5 487 yards (2)

Hole 6 Par 5 487 yards (1)
Hole 9 Par 4 499 yards

Hole 9 Par 4 499 yards (2)

Hole 9 Par 4 499 yards (1)
A very long par four with a dogleg to the right. From the tee shot, players will notice that the bunkers on both sides of the fairway will come into play. The green is long and is guarded with a bunker on the left and a pond on the right. The hole is demanding as it requires both distance and direction on both the first and second shots. Putting will be quite a challenge as well since the green consists of multiple mounds and slopes from back to front.
Hole 11 Par 3 205 yards 

Hole 11 Par 3 205 yards (2)

Hole 11 Par 3 205 yards (1)
An uphill par three. The green is elevated and guarded by five bunkers in its front. Players need to spin a ball and to land it directly onto the green. Although slightly different in shape, there are some similarities with the fifth par 3 at Royal Melbourne (West).
Hole 12 Par 5 527 yards
A straight par five with a total of 18 bunkers. These bunkers look intimidating from the teeing ground. The landing areas off the tee shots are reasonably wide, although A pond and a series of fairway bunkers on the left come into play on the slightly uphill tee shot. However, players will face much narrower landing areas squeezed by the fairway bunkers on both sides. A birdie will be possible as long as players can avoid hitting the second shot into the fairway bunkers. The wide green is strongly elevated and slops from left to right, with two bunkers to its right and three bunkers to its left.

Hole 12 Par 5 527 yards (3)

Hole 12 Par 5 527 yards (2)

Hole 12 Par 5 527 yards (1)
Hole 13 Par 4 455 yards

Hole 13 Par 4 455 yards (2)

Hole 13 Par 4 455 yards (1)
A straight, difficult, and long par four. The second shot will require a very demanding uphill shot. The dense trees come into play on the left sides of the green, sloping steeply from left to right. When the pin is positioned to the left side, it will make the approach shot more difficult. The right side of the green is guarded by a sloping dune with a small pond strategically located just under the dune waiting for any errant shots.
Hole 14 Par 3 220 yards

Hole 14 Par 3 220 yards (2)

Hole 14 Par 3 220 yards (1)
A beautiful par three with a pond to the right, which is downhill but long. The elevated green is surrounded by three bunkers. While it is difficult to see off the teeing ground, the South China Sea is located at around 500 yards beyond the green.
Hole 15 Par 4 361 yards

Hole 15 Par 4 361 yards (2)

Hole 15 Par 4 361 yards (1)
A short par four with a dog leg to the left along a pond. The shortest distance is to carry the ball over the pond onto the fairway very close to the green will require a carry of arounds 250 yards, which allows only big hitters to attempt to use this route. It is generally safer to hit the ball towards the right side next to the pond off the tee. However, be careful of a cluster of bunkers placed on the right side of the fairway. The green slopes to the left.
19th hole

It is a 20 minutes’ drive to Montgomerie Links from both Da Nang city and Da Nang airport. The nearby Da Nang GR is a short few minutes’ drive. Public course.

amiable caddies



The Top 100 Golf Courses ( ranked Montgomerie Links as the 11th best golf course in 2020 Vitetnam Top 30. There are around 70 courses in Vietnam up to now. The other works of Colin Montgomerie in Aisa are Golden Gulf GC, Meishi Mayflower Internationa GC in China, and Raon GC in Korea.

Intercontinental San Peninsula

Intercontinental San Peninsula

view from the room


restaurant in the air


During my time here, we stayed at Intercontinental San Peninsula Da Nang which is located 30 minutes by car to the golf course. This beachfront hotel has a villa-style atmosphere and is surrounded by rocks as its located at the foot of a mountain. Overall, this hotel turned out to be a fantastic resort leaving guests with a satisfying feeling. While the on-site French restaurant La Maison 1888 was highly recommended, we decided to dine at the Vietnamese restaurant CITRON. The restaurant had six seats that protrude into the air from the building, allowing for an excellent dining experience with a wonderful view of the sea.

Nihonbashi Bridge

Hoi An

Hoi An

After our play at Montgomerie Links, I took a 20-minute drive south to visit Hoi An, a World Heritage Site which was designated due to its stunning old cityscape. Hoi An is a 40-minute drive from both Da Nang city and Da Nang airport. Hoi An prospered as a transit point for East-West trade for 100 years starting from the end of the 16th century. Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese merchants, as well as over 1,000 Japanese people, lived in this area and built a covered Nihonbashi (commonly known as Kitohashi Bridge) in 1593. It is a port town where the old town is a multi-cultural blend of inviting nostalgia. In the evening, lanterns were hung from the eaves of the homes, offering a landscape in which the dim lights illuminated the entire small town. This allowed for an exotic and fantastic view during the nighttime.