Song Be Golf Club (Desert & Lotus Course)
Course Data
Location Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Yardage 6974 yards Par 72
Course Rating 75.2
Playing Date 13 Feb., 2011
Designer Barry Humphrey
Opened 1994
Caddie Yes
Golf Cart Yes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction

The Song Be Golf Club consists of three nine-hole courses: the Lotus Course, the Palm Course and the Desert Course. All three courses are laid out on a flat terrain. The Lotus and Palm Courses, which both opened in 1994, have tree-lined fairways with several strategically placed water hazards and sand traps. The Desert Course, as the name suggests, was built in 1997 on a wasteland desert. The only occasional greens players will see on this course are its fairways, tees and greens.

A view from clubhouse

A desert view seen from 1st green


The view of exposed dirt is unique and somewhat frightening. However, playing on the Desert Course can be advantageous, since unlike water hazards or OBs, there are no penalties when the ball lands on wastelands. While the Palm Course is shortest and easiest, I decided to play the Desert and Lotus Course due to its promising challenges.


2nd Par 3 155 yards

2nd Par 4 155 yards
The second hole of the Desert Course is a par three that consists of wastelands that surround the double-tiered green.
3rd Par 4 428 yards

3rd Par 4 428 yards (2)

3rd Par 4 428 yards (1)
This par four is a 428-yard long right-doglegged hole. Players should try to avoid hitting an errant shot here, as there is a stream of water that runs down the entire right side. The green is slightly elevated and has well-positioned bunkers on front left and right sections.
5th Par 4 388 yards

5th Par 4 388 yards (2)

5th Par 4 388 yards (1)
A relatively short par four hole that has a dogleg bend to the right. Players should pay attention to the water hazard that is on the right side of the fairway while on the tee. The green slopes steeply from back to front and is yet again surrounded by water.
7th Par 4 446 yards
The 7th hole is one of the more challenging and demanding holes. This hole is designed with a dogleg to the right. Since the fairway is narrow and has wastelands on both sides, the tee shot requires both accuracy and distance. The green is guarded on the front by a deep wasteland. This will mean that a full-carry to the green is needed on the approach shot.

7th Par 4 446 yards (3)

7th Par 4 446 yards (2)

7th Par 4 446 yards (1)
9th Par 5 607 yards
A long par five with a dogleg to the right. An accurate tee shot is required to avoid the wastelands that flank both sides of the fairway. Players must make a decision on the second shot whether to layup or to go directly for the green. However, by aiming directly for the green, players could risk their ball falling into the wasteland that lies, for about 100 yards, in front of the green.

9th Par 5 607 yards (3)

9th Par 5 607 yards (2)

9th Par 5 607 yards (1)
10th Par 5 559 yards
This hole is another long par five but this time consists of a dogleg that bends to the left. There is a bunker on the left corner that is placed 270 yards off the tee. The green is slightly elevated with two deep bunkers in the front. The green is wide and slopes to the left.

10th Par 5 559 yards (3)

10th Par 5 559 yards (2)

10th Par 5 559 yards (1)
12th Par 4 369 yards

12th Par 4 369 yards (2)

12th Par 4 369 yards (1)
This twelfth hole is a beautiful and short par four that consists of an over-the-water tee shot and a dogleg that bends to the right. A body of water covers along the entire right section starting from the fairway and running all the way past the green. The green is narrow and slopes from back to front.
14th Par 3 197 yards

14th Par 3 197 yards (2)

14th Par 3 197 yards (1)
This hole is a long par three that is an over-the-lake tee shot. There are two bunkers in front of the large but shallow green.
15th Par 4 397 yards
This par four consists of a slight and gentle dogleg that bends to the left. The tee shot will need to be accurate in order to avoid the trees lines that are on both sides of the narrow fairway. The second shot is an over-the-water shot and will require players to avoid the large bunker that guards the green. A ball with a strong right to left curve should be avoided since the left side of the green faces the body of water. The green itself slopes towards the right.

15th Par 4 397 yards (3)

15th Par 4 397 yards (2)

15th Par 4 397 yards (1)
19th hole
In order to get to the Song Be Golf Club, it will take about forty-five minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City and a half an hour drive from the international airport. A handicap of ten or below is required in order to play from the blue tees. All distances in this course are measured meters. There is also a hotel available for guests at the golf club.



Swimming pool

The province of where the golf club is located called “Song Be”. This province is famously known for a production area of potteries. The designer is Australian.