Tan Son Nhat Golf Course (C&D Course)
Course Data
Location Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Yardage 7366 yards Par 72
Course Rating 75.5
Playing Date 28 Oct 2015
Designer P+T Development Pte, Ltd
Opened 2010
Caddie Yes
Golf Cart Yes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction

A view from clubhouse

The Tan Son Nhat Golf Club is a 36-hole American style course located on a relatively flat land right beside the Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The course consists of a total of four 9-hole courses: the A, B, C, and D courses. The C&D courses are a little bit more challenging than the A&B courses. The course has just completed right before I played and although only young trees dominate the surrounding environment, the course is strategically designed such as a large numbers of bunkers, elevated green surfaces and heavily undulated fairways and greens. The course has a long overall distance and offers quite a challenge. Once the trees have grown and matured in about ten years, I believe that the overall playing experience will be enhanced.

3rd Par 4 449 yards

3rd Par 4 449 yards (2)

3rd Par 4 449 yards (1)
The third hole is relatively straight par four bordering the airport, which is OB zone. It requires a high-degree of accuracy on the second shot in order for the ball to reach the green. The strongly elevated green has a large dent-like shape in the middle and is guarded by a sizable bunker on its left.
4th Par 3 234 yards

4th Par 3 234 yards
While the fourth hole is a short par three, accuracy will be a vital factor as there are two deep bunkers that guard the left side of the green. Putting will also be quite a challenge as the green elevated from front to back.


6th Par 4 404 yards

6th Par 4 404 yards (2)

6th Par 4 404 yards (1)
This par four consists of a dogleg to the left with OB lines stretching out on both sides of the fairway. The second shot will require the ball to hover over a lake and land safely on a green, which is guarded by two bunkers on its left. Since the green is a strongly undulated and two-tried, putting will be very difficult if the ball is on a different level from the pin.
9th Par 5 510 yards
With a relatively straight design, this par five has two fairway bunkers that are strategically placed on the right side of the hole. The third short will require a high level of accuracy as not only does the ball need to be flown over a pond but it will need to land safely onto the center-dented green, without mishitting the ball into the ponds that surrounds either the green’s left and right sides, or into the bunkers that guard the green’s back and front sides.


9th Par 5 510 yards (3)

9th Par 5 510 yards (2)

9th Par 5 510 yards (1)
12th Par 4 414 yards

12th Par 4 414 yards (2)

12th Par 4 414 yards (1)
The twelfth hole is designed in a dogleg right shape. Players should look out for the bunker that is strategically placed in the center of the fairway. The green is strongly elevated as it slopes from back to front. There is a bunker that guards the right side of the green.
14th Par 3 148 yards

14th Par 3 148 yards (2)

14th Par 3 148 yards (1)
This par three is a beautiful hole that will require the tee shot to hover over a pond. This hole is simple and short, making it quite an easy and enjoyable play. Players should look out for the bunker that guards the green’s left side.
15th Par 5 537 yards

This par five is designed to bend to the right by almost 90 degrees. On the tee shot players should look out for the bunker that is placed on the right section of the fairway. Players should then look out for both the strategically placed bunker on the right, and the ponds on both sides. The center-dented green are surrounded by many bunkers.


15th Par 5 537 yards (3)

15th Par 5 537 yards (2)

15th Par 5 537 yards (1)
18th Par 4 482 yards

18th Par 4 482 yards (2)

18th Par 4 482 yards (1)
The last hole in this course is a long par four with a relatively straight design. A large pond guards the green’s left side, and two bunkers guard its right side. Both distance and accuracy will be required on the second shot because of the par four’s extremely long distance.
19th hole
In order to get to the Tan Son Nhat Golf Course, it would take a twenty-five minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City and a twenty-minute drive from the international airport. The clubhouse is huge and luxurious and even has massage parlors. It is even possible to play at night under the lights. The restaurant serves quite declivous meals.

Big bath





During my time there, I decided to stay at the Continental Hotel. The hotel is about 100-years-old and is and located right across Saigon’s famous Opera house. Though there was nothing special about the hotel itself, I do highly recommend the delicious breakfast that is being served here.

Continental Hotel Sigon

Continental Hotel Sigon

Continental Hotel Sigon

Brett Mogg, an Australian national, is a partner at Nelson & Haworth Golf Architects Pte Ltd. Other courses designed by Mogg in Vietnam are Ronbien-Zaramu G & CC and Longbien Gialam G & CC.