Lake Malaren – Lakes Gourse ----- Completly changed

Course Data
LocationShanghai, China
Yardage7248 yard Par 72
Course Rating 
Playing Date26 Sep. 2005
DesignerPeter Thompson
Caddie Yes
Golf CartYes (Compulsory)
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views

This is a flat course where water hazards such as lakes and creeks come into play on every hole. It also features tremendously big greens and almost twice as big as ordinary greens, so 3 putts are likely when the ball is on the green but far away from the pin position. Natural lakes and creeks are beautiful and the landscaping of bunkers and undulating fairways is excellent. However, the layout is a little extreme because there are water hazards always on the right on all holes except par 3s; it will torture beginners who are left to right hitters and advanced players may feel it is monotonous. The total yardage is over 7200, which should satisfy long hitters. Currently, 36 holes are available: this Lakes Course and the Forest Course opened in 2005. It seems that another 18 holes, called the Garden Course, will be opened, so there will be a huge resort complex with 3 golf courses and a hotel.

The course is changed into Masters Course after the huge renovation.

A view from the clubhouse

A vew of 18th hole

4th Par 4 457 yards

4th Par 4 457 yards (2)

4th Par 4 457 yards (1)
A long and straight hole. A lake on the right of the fairway turns into a creek and crosses the fairway. The green is deep but not wide and is guarded by bunkers on both sides. 
6th Par 3 239 yards

6th Par 3 239 yards (2)

6th Par 3 239 yards (1)
A very long par 3 where you use a driver or 3 wood. Ever if you hit the green in regulation, there is a risk of 3 putts because of the sharp undulation of the green.

9th Par 5 583 yards
A sharp dogleg to the right. The left bunker is 230 yards off the tee and a carry of 240 yards is needed to clear the right bunker. All along the right side of the fairway is water, so a left to right hitter will find it very difficult to play on this hole. The deep green is protected by bunkers.

9th Par 5 583 yards (3)

9th Par 5 583 yards (2)

9th Par 5 583 yards (1)
10th Par 5 544 yards

10th Par 5 544 yards (2)

10th Par 5 544 yards (1)
An almost 90-dgree dogleg to the right with a lake on the right. The landing zone off the tee looks deceptively wide but your sliced ball will easily end up in the water. An accurate second shot is needed, too, because of the tight fairway with the lake on the right. Various bunkers guarding the front of the green are intimidating.
12th Par 3 189 yards

12th Par 3 189 yards (2)

12th Par 3 189 yards (1)
A hole with an island green. A white bunker, protecting the front side of the green, looks shining. The bunker, the lake in front with the green at the back create an excellent contrast. The green is wide and slopes sharply from right to left.
14th Par 5 571 yards
A straight hole with the green swinging to the right. All right side of the hole from the tee to the green borders water. The landing area of the second shot is squeezed by a lake on the right and a blind lake on the left, so you need to hit a precise shot. This is a hole where you are happy with par.

14th Par 5 571 yards (3)

14th Par 5 571 yards (2)

14th Par 5 571 yards (1)
19th hole


It takes about 50 minutes from Central Shanghai by car and a club bus is available from the city. Visitors can play at this Lakes Course but need to be accompanied by a member to play at the Forest Course. A Jacuzzi bath, a sauna and massage service are available after play. A 5 star hotel next to the clubhouse is opening soon. To play from the longest tees, you need to have an official handicap of 11 or below. 

Peter Thompson designed another course in Asia, Dalian Golden Jin Shi (大连金石) GC in China. People often have Peter Thompson confused with Peter Thomson. Peter Thompson is American while Peter Thomson, 5 times British Open Champion, is Australian.