Shanghai Links Golf & Country Club

Course Data
Location Shanghai, China
Yardage7121yards,  Par 72
Course Rating75.2
Playing Date27 Sep. 2005
DesignerJack Nicklaus
Golf Cart No
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views

This is a seaside, not links, course laid out on a flat terrain along Yangtze River. Some tees and greens are elevated, providing minor ups & downs through the course. Wind plays a significant factor. Sometimes you may feel strong winds on the elevated tees but only a minor breeze on your second shot. Don't let this fool you as strong winds are actually prevailing up in the air and you might end up with the wrong club selections. Likewise, when you hit down to lower greens, you will feel strong winds but your shot won't be too affected by strong winds because of the lighter breezes lower down. Overall, the course is interesting and creates many illusions to players. Even if there is no wind, the course is a very high quality, challenging layout. You will feel like you're playing in Scotland thanks to a links style atmosphere and testing winds throughout the entire course. There are 5 par 4s over 450 yards and they become extremely difficult on head winds. The landing areas of the tee shots are generous, but closer to the green more hazards will come into play to pressure you on the approaches. I think Shanghai Links is one of the best of the Nicklaus designed courses in the world regarding its great layout and the above mentioned magical illusions.

A view

a view from 4th hole

a view from 17h hole

3rd Par 4 410 yards

3rd Par 4 410 yards (2)

3rd Par 4 410 yards (1)
A slight dogleg to the left with the green swung further to the left. The left side of the fairway touches a lake. The lake squeezes the fairway in front of the green, so the approach shot is over water.
4th Par 3 173 yards
A difficult hole over a lake. The green has two faces which divide into left and right with a much lower left side. When the pin is on the left, the hole becomes very demanding as the left of the green borders the lake. When you take precaution of the left lake and hit safely to the right side of the green, you might have a risk of 3 or 4 putts because of strong undulations. A bunker in front of the green also comes into play

4th green

4th Par 3 173 yards (2)

4th Par 3 173 yards (1)
7th Par 3 219 yards

7th Par 3 219 yards
A gentle uphill, long par 3. It is actually much longer due to a head wind.

8th Par 5 501 yards
A relatively short par 5. It is possible to hit the green in 2 as you play with a tail wind. The hole doglegs slightly to the right 100 yards in front of the green.

8th Par 5 501 yards (3)

8th Par 5 501 yards (2)

8th Par 5 501 yards (1)
10th Par 4 462 yards
A long straight hole. The tee shot requires you to clear a water. A long hitter can aim the route over bunkers on the right side. To play safe, you should hit the left half of the fairway. The left side of the green is protected by a bunker.

10th Par 4 462 yards (3)

10th Par 4 462 yards (2)

10th Par 4 462 yards (1)
13rd Par 4 453 yards

13rd Par 4 453 yards (2)

13rd Par 4 453 yards (1)
A long par 4. This hole is very challenging as wind often blows against you. You can drive hard as the fairway is wide but the demanding second shot needs the distance as well as accuracy because a lake makes inroads into the fairway in front of the green. 
14th Par 4 401 yards
A signature hole, a slight dogleg to the left. Both the tee and second shots require you to clear water. If you are short of the green on the approach, the lake will catch your ball, and if you are long over the green, you are likely to hit a demanding shot from the heavy rough.

14th Par 4 401 yards (3)

14th Par 4 401 yards (2)

14th Par 4 401 yards (1)
17th Par 5 564 yards
An almost straight hole. The layout of bunkers on the tee shot is excellent. The tee shot from the elevated tee is gentle downhill and the approach shot is gentle uphill.

17th Par 5 564 yards (3)

17th Par 5 564 yards (2)

17th Par 5 564 yards (1)
19th hole


You need to have a member’s introduction or to be accompanied by a member to play here. The club is very close to the Shanghai international airport, just a 15 minute-drive, so I saw a lot of airplanes while playing. It takes 50 minutes from ai by car and free shuttle buses are available from the downtown.

The official clubhouse has not yet been completed for the last 6 years since the opening, but the restaurant in the temporary clubhouse was comfortable. I could freely choose which tees to play.

Swimming pool

An airplane flying over the course

An international school & houses

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