Chung Shan Hot Spring Golf Club - Arnold Palmer Course

Course Data
LocationZhuhai, China
Yardage6484 yards Par 71
Course Rating71.9
Playing Date31 Aug. 2003
DesignerArnold Palmer
Golf CartNo
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views

It is often told that this is not long course but it is long enough to have 6500 yards for Par 71. Moreover, it has relatively narrow fairways and precision is required for every shot. There are subtle slopes and mounds on and around greens, which make approach shots difficult when you hit off the greens. Excellent layouts by utilizing natural geographical sites. Especially some par 4s & par 5s are very impressive.
3rd  Par 4 402 yards 

This hole has been selected as one of the best 500 holes in the world in the year of 2000 by US Golf Magazine. It is a dogleg to the left with a creek running along the left side of the fairway. The second shot becomes uphill and you need to carry over the creek. A big bunker in front of the green is well in play. It is surely a greatly designed as well as beautiful hole.

3番 パー4 402ヤード
3rd Par 4 402 yards 
6th  Par 5 547 yards

It is possible for long hitters to hit the green in two because the hole runs downhill to the green. The green slopes slightly down from front to back, which is the other way around for most greens. When you aim at the flag directly, balls tend to roll down to a bunker behind the green. There are also palm trees and a pond at the back of the green, which make this hole beautiful.

6番 パー5 547ヤード
6th Par 5 547 yards
9th  Par 4 407 yards

A slight downhill par 4. There are bunkers at the front and right sides of the green and a pond outside of the bunkers. The green slopes down strongly from left to right. If you hit the ball to the rough left of the green, it becomes very difficult to save a par; so, you need to hit an accurate second shot.

9番 パー4 407ヤード
9th Par 4 407 yards
10th  Par 4 377 yards 

A slight uphill, dogleg to the right. The tee shot must be accurate as the tight fairway is guarded by a water hazard on the right.

10番 パー4 377ヤード
10th Par 4 377 yards 
14th  Par 5 523 yards

There are a water hazard on the left of the fairway and OB on the right, so the tee shot is difficult for this hole, too. The second shot becomes uphill and the closer to the green, the narrower the fairway becomes, that is to say a triangular shape. Therefore, you need to have courage to lay up using a short or middle iron. Even professional golfers have become greedy for distance and ended up with high scores and the hole goes by the name of “pro killer“.

14番 パー5 523ヤード
14th Par 5 523 yards
18th  Par 5 542 yards

The tee shot is across a pond. From second shot onwards, it becomes slightly uphill and is a beautiful finishing hole.

18番 パー5 524ヤード
18th Par 5 542 yards
19th hole

レストランからの眺めは牧歌的The first international standard golf course in China. The clubhouse is like a mountain hut and has a relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy idyllic scenery view from the clubhouse.The quality of caddies is very high, which is rare in Mainland China and they are well educated. There is another 18 holes with the different flavor which was designed by Jack Nicklaus. You need to pay attention to the distance; it is not measured by yards but by meters.
I stayed at the hotel adjacent to the golf club yesterday and today finished playing Nicklaus and Palmer courses, i.e., 36 holes in a day. Since they are wonderful courses, despite of the heat wave, I did not get tired so much.

Arnold Palmer designed other courses in Asia are Forest Miki GC, Fuji OGM GC - Ono Course, Shimotsuke CC, Furano GC, Kanaegasaki GC, Ajigasawa Kogen GC, Minakami Kogen GC in Japan, Damai GC in Malaysia, and The Orchard G&CC - Palmer Course, Evercrest Batulao GC and Caliraya Springs GC in the Philippine, Emeraldo G&CC in Indonesia, First Formosa CC and Formosa Yangmei CC in Taiwan, Wuju Resort in Korea, and Sanctuary Cove - Pines Course in Australia.