Guilin Merry-land Golf Club

Course Data
LocationGuilin, China
Yardage7073 yards Par 72
Course RatingNone
Playing Date14 Sep. 2003
DesignerGolden Louise
Golf CartYes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views

An excellent course marking the most of the natural terrain. Almost all fairways have various mounds. The fairways look as if they were made up of waves, and very beautiful. Greens also have good undulations but should be improved to be faster. This is a hilly course and you can enjoy excellent scenery of mountains, lakes hole after hole and feel refreshed by the breeze and views when you walk.
2nd Par 4 452 yards

An almost 90 degree dogleg to the right, bordering a big pond. There is another water hazard on the left side of the fairway, so the accuracy of the tee shot is a must. The second shot is a long one uphill and you need to be careful of the OB on the left side of the green.

2番 パー4 452ヤード
2nd Par 4 452 yards
3rd Par 5 533 yards

Because it is slightly downhill, it is possible to hit the green of this par 5 in 2. If you curve a lot to the left side, it becomes OB. If you hit the right side of the green, there is deep rough and makes it difficult to have a birdie.

3番 パー5 533ヤード
3rd Par 5 533 yards
11th Par 4 425 yards

A par 4 down hill dogleg to the right. You need to hit a precise second shot because not only you need to carry the creek cutting across right in front of the green but also the green is double-tiered with steep slope.

11番 パー4 425ヤード
11th Par 4 425 yards
15th Par 4 461 yards

A slight uphill dogleg to the right with good distance. Bunkers on the right of fairway are in play and there is OB on the left side for the tee shot. There is a water hazard on the right side of green. A key to success is to hit a long second shot accurately. You would be very happy with a par on this hole.

15番 パー4 461ヤード
15th Par 4 461 yards
16th Par 4 407 yards

Both the first and second shots need to carry a lake. For the tee shot, the ball must carry 210 yards. The front of the green faces a lake that makes the hole difficult. After the tee shot, you can enjoy a short boat ride, crossing over the lake to the other side of the fairway.

16番 パー4 407ヤード
16th Par 4 407 yards
池をわたる渡り舟 A ship from the tee to the fairway
17th Par 3 185 yards

A beautiful par 3 with an island green. You need to be careful of the water hazard not just at the front but also at the back of the green.

17番 パー3 185ヤード
17th Par 3 185 yards
19th hole

ゴルフ場に隣接のホテルThere are a 5 star hotel and a theme park adjacent to the golf club, forming a big resort area. I stayed at the hotel this time and felt cozy in the room.