Mission Hills Golf Club – Olazabal Course
Course Data
Location Dungguan, Guandong Province, China
Yardage 7320 yards Par 72
Course Rating 75.7
Playing Date 19 Jan. 2005 & 7 Sep. 2012
Designer Jose Maria Olazabal, Shmidt & Curley
Opened 2003
Caddy Yes
Golf Cart Yes (Compulsory)
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views


4番 パー4 457ヤード
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The Olazabal course has numerous majestic vistas of untouched jungle. Natural lakes and streams create an outstanding backdrop throughout the course. The undulating concave fairways are another distinguishing feature. The course also features many bunkers on all holes and also numerous contoured greens which makes putting very challenging. The curves of the greens and the bunkers create an artistic beauty. There are five par 5s, all of them are super quality. You will often be faced on how to play each hole - take the safe and conservative route, or the risk/reward route. The 2007 World Cup was held on this course.


3rd Par 5 548 yards
A downhill par 5 reachable in 2. Bunkers guarding the left side of the fairway are 260 yards away off the tee. A creek runs 60-90 yards in front of the green and might stop your attempt to aim for the green in 2. The green is shallow and well guarded in the front by a big bunker.
4番 パー4 457ヤード
3rd Par 5 548 yards (3)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
3rd Par 5 548 yards (2)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
3rd Par 5 548 yards (1)
5th Par 3 176 yards
4番 パー4 457ヤード
5th Par 3 176 yards
The green is highly elevated and surrounded by ravines. The front left bunker should be avoided as it is deep.
7th Par 5 566 yards
Almost a straight hole with a downhill second shot. Bunkers and bushes on the right side of the fairway come into play off the tee. Bunkers surrounding the green look intimidating.
4番 パー4 457ヤード
7th Par 5 566 yards (3)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
7th Par 5 566 yards (2)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
7th Par 5 566 yards (1)
8th Par 3 214 yards
4番 パー4 457ヤード
8th Par 3 214 yards
The green drops sharply from the tee. When you slice it, you might be caught in bunkers protecting the front right of the green. This is an outstanding hole because it is carved out in a beautiful natural way.
11th Par 5 568 yards
A double dogleg par 5 with a downhill, strong dogleg to the right for the tee shot followed by a slight dogleg to the left. An aggressive long hitter can hit a blind tee shot over the natural vegetation on the right, which could lead to razor tin with lost ball opportunities, but the pay-off is significant leaving a long iron to the green. The second and third shots are slightly uphill. A creek crosses the fairway 100 yards in front the green and runs along the left side of the green.
4番 パー4 457ヤード
11th Par 5 568 yards (3)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
11th Par 5 568 yards (2)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
11th Par 5 568 yards (1)
15th Par 5 580 yards
A signature hole. The view from the tee is breathtaking for both playing and scenic beauty. The tight fairway is a dogleg to the left and further to the left around an enormous reservoir. Water guards a series of bunkers all the way to the green. The second shot has two options: First laying up short of the creek 150 yards in front of the green and leaving an approach shot of about 170 yards over water. In this case an accurate middle iron shot is required. The second option is to clear the creek with a fairway wood, then you can use a short iron or a wedge on the approach shot and the water doesn't come into play so much. However, the second fairway shot should be long and precise; otherwise, you could be in the bunkers guarding both sides of the fairway or in the lake on the left side of the fairway. The green has some interesting contours, so putting is also demanding. The hole has 24 bunkers and I think that all the bunkers on the course are strategically placed and provide the course with a charming appearance, while some others think the bunkers are too artificial and look rather Mickey Mouse. There are pros and cons. I am looking forward to hearing form readers' comments on the bunkering.
4番 パー4 457ヤード
15th Par 5 580 yards (3)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
15th Par 5 580 yards (2)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
15th Par 5 580 yards (1)
18th Par 4 460 yards
My most favoritehole, which is a long dogleg to the left with the green swung further to the left. It's a very demanding and intimidating hole. Water comes into play from the tee to the green and rock walls support the edge of the fairway. The tee shot is over water and you are tempted to cut off the dogleg in order to avoid the very long second shot. However, if you drive from right to left too much your ball could disappear into water. The second shot is to hit onto the peninsula shaped, slightly elevated green, protruding into the lake. It is guarded by water on the left and by a bunker on the right. If in any doubt about reaching the green in two, then playing short of the bunker is the safe option. Make par here, you''ll feel ready to celebrate fairway in front of the green. This is a hole that you are very happy with a par.
4番 パー4 457ヤード
18th Par 4 460 yards (3)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
18th Par 4 460 yards (2)
4番 パー4 457ヤード
18th Par 4 460 yards (1)
19th hole

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The course is one of 5 that were competed in Dungguan in 2003 and 2004. A hotel is located next to the clubhouse. It takes 20 minutes from Shenzen Mission Hills in Shenzhen by a shuttle bus.

To play from the black tees, the longest tees, you next to show a starter a handicap certificate of 7 or below.




Mission Hills GC is the world’s biggest golf complex with 10 courses or 180 holes as of 2004, overtaking the huge Pinehurst resort in North Carolina, which has eight 18-hole courses. The picture shows the 10 designers who are all world-famous players or a teaching pro. The 10 courses are designed by Jack Nicklaus, Vijay Singh, Nick Faldo, Jumbo Ozaki, Ernie Els, Annika Sorenstam, Rose & Poulter, Jose Maria Olazabal, David Leadbetter and Greg Norman. The two couses were added in 2007, Pete Dye Course and Zhang Lian Wei Couse (Par 3s course), so the club currently holds 12 curses or 216 holes.

Co-designers, Lee Schmidt & Brian Curley are the principal architects behind the 8 of the 10 courses. They designed the other courses in Asia, Amata Spring CC, Muang Kaew GC (remodeled), Chiang Mai Highlands G&SR, Amata Spring CC in Thailand, Grande Hamanako GC in Japan and Agile (雅居楽長江) G&CC - B Course in China.

Their joint designs with Jack Nicklaus in Asia are Spring City (春城) G&LR - Mountain Course, Chung Shan Hot Spring (中山温泉) GC - Jack Nicklaus Course in China, Ishioka GC, Rokkou Kokusai GC (remodeled), The Tradition GC, President GC, Sanyo GC (remodeled), New Capital GG, Sun Belgravia GC, Bear Paws Japan GC in Japan, Sungai Long CC in Malaysia, and Springfield Royal CC in Thailand.