Pine Valley Sports & Country Club

Course Data
LocationZuhai, Guandong Province, China
Yardage7050 yards Par 72
Course Rating74.4
Playing Date10 Mar. 2003
Golf CartYes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views

The course is laid out on mountainous terrain surrounding a big lake. Each hole varies with right & left doglegs and elevation changes. You will never get bored playing here. The course gives you great scnery. Because the tee grounds of some holes are elevated very high, the actual yardage is some 200 yards shorter, so I’m afraid that the official course rating of 74.4 is a little too much and should be around 72.5. The course was selected the best new course in China in 2001.
2nd  Par 4 411 yards

A driver should not be used on this downhill tee-shot for a long hitter because a creek crosses the fairway 240 yards off the tee. Also, you should hit to the left side of the fairway in order to have a clear view for the next shot as big trees are positioned on the right side to impede your approach.

2番 パー4 411ヤード
2nd Par 4 411 yards
4th  Par 4 447 yards

You can feel tremendous rush on the tee because you feel as if you are hitting down from the 10th floor. You can enjoy the panoramic view from the tee. However, the landing area off the tee is narrow, so this hole is like “no rose without a thorn.”

4番 パー4 447ヤード
4th Par 4 447 yards
7th  Par 5 529 yards

There is a creek on the right bordering the fairway and the green. This is a good hole with the well-positioned water hazard and fairway bunkers.

11th  Par 4 397 yards

This dogleg to the right is also beautiful with a lake on the left. There are 3 series of fairway bunkers, which don’t come into play but give you a nice view.

11番 パー4 397ヤード
11th Par 4 397 yards
17th  Par 4 229 yards

A downhill par 3. This is a very natural hole without the artificial beauty. You should avoid the large bunker protecting the front and right side of the green because it is about twice as deep as your height.

17番 パー4 229ヤード
17th Par 4 229 yards
18th  Par 5 522 yards

This hole is also a sharp downhill from the tee, so you can aim the island green in 2 with a middle or long iron. The fairway slopes sharply from right to left, tee shots tend to roll down to the 30-yard long bunker on the left. You can hit onto the green by an iron on the second shot. Considering the downhill, the length actually is shortened by some 100 yards, so it is a very short par 5. I think that it becomes a great finishing hole if this par 5 is changed into par 4 using the 20 yards shorter tee. The island green floating in a big lake is worth seeing and it is picturesque.

18番 パー5 522ヤード
18th Par 5 522 yards
19th hole

It takes 50 minutes from Zuhai by club bus.