Xili Golf and Country Club - CD Course

Course Data
LocationShenzhen, China
Yardage6607 yards Par 72
Course Rating70.6
Playing Date3 Nov. 2003
DesignerRobin Nelson,Neil Haworth
Golf CartYes (Compulsory)
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction

The Club has 36 holes divided into 4 separate 9-hole sections, called A, B, C, & D, of similar character. Due to more ups and downs than the compact AB Course, this CD course offers a more dynamic layout. Like the AB course, it has an excellent atmosphere that welcomes players warmly. Likewise, the furnishings and the equipment inside the clubhouse are very nice and relaxing.

10th hole seen from the green
14th green
The course seen from a hill

1st  Par 4 464 yards
1番 パー4 464ヤード
1st Par 4 464 yards
A long par 4 slight dogleg to the left. On the tee shot, the water comes into play on the right side of the fairway. The second shot is across the water. The green is elevated and slopes sharply from the back to the front.
4th Par 3 136 yards
4番 パー3 136ヤード
4th Par 3 136 yards
Playing downhill to an island green, it is not that difficult due to the relatively short distance. Many island greens tend to become a little artificial but this one seems “natural”.
9th  Par 5 540 yards
9番 パー5 540ヤード
9th Par 5 540 yards
Water is on the right of the fairway for the tee shot, and on the left side of the fairway for the second shot. You can see the clubhouse behind the green and the view is excellent.
10th  Par 5 551 yards
10番 パー5 551ヤード
10th Par 5 551 yards
A challenging downhill for both the tee and second shots. There is a creek in front of the green which is guarded by bunkers, so it is a very difficult second shot for long hitters and a demanding third shot for others.
12th Par 4 439 yards
12番 パー4 439ヤード
12th Par 4 439 yards
A good par 4 which used to be a par 5 until recently. For the tee-shot, trees on the left and bunker on the right are in play, and the fairway is narrow. You need to hit a long, accurate shot to the right side of the fairway in order to have a clear view to the green, avoiding the trees on the left edge of the fairway. The pond on the left of green is in play, which makes the approach shot demanding, too.
17th  Par 5 529 yards
17番 パー5 529ヤード
17th Par 5 529 yards
A challenging par 5 which used to be par 4 until recently. The fairway slopes from right to left. The green is elevated, and a creek runs in front of it. The green and its surroundings are beautiful.
18th  Par 3 151 yards
18番 パー3 151ヤード
18th Par 3 151 yards
A relatively short par 3 over the water. It is not that difficult but is picturesque because of the combined views of the pond & the fountain in front of the green, the flower beds on the left of the green, the pure white sand bunker on the right of the green, and the splendid trees at the back of the green, all creating a very beautiful picture.
19th hole

Need to be accompanied by a member anytime, which is very rare for golf courses in China. So the course is not crowded. However, the Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong guests can play here although it takes 1 hour and half to get there.

Coffe Shop
Hotel Lobby

The Shangri-la Hotel owns the club and the buffet lunch at the coffee shop and all the food at the Chinese restaurant were very delicious, almost the same quality as in a good hotel. I stayed one night at the hotel adjacent to the club and think that this club is an excellent golf resort for longer stays because the hotel is very comfortable, equipped with a fitness center, library, kids center etc.

The CD Course has much bigger undulations on greens and more up and downs, compared to the AB Course. However, I felt that some greens, like the first hole, were sloped too steeply. If those greens were as fast as the one in professional tournaments, even pros and advanced players would have many 3 putts. Some greens were renovated recently to have bigger undulations. It was fortunate to play with the relatively slow greens because I would enjoy challenging the dynamic slopes. I also felt that the CD has the a little better layout and views than the AB.

Robin Nelson & Neil Haworth designed courses in Asia are Bali G&CC in Indonesia, Shan Shui (山水) G&CC, Kuala Lumpur G&CC in Malaysia, and Sheshan International (佘山国际) GC, Century Seaview (世紀海景) CC, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (玉龍雪山) GC which is the highest golf course in Asia, Shenzhen (深圳) GC, Sun Island International (上海太陽島國際) GC, Kunshan Sunisland (昆山太陽島國際) GC, Qingdao Huashan International (青島華山國際) CC, Guangzhou International (広州仙村國際) GC and Huizhou Tangquan (恵州溫泉) GC in China.