The Hong Kong Golf Club - Old Course

Course Data
LocationHong Kong, China
Yardage6060 yards Par 70
Course Rating69.3
Playing Date5 Feb. 2004
DesignerVarious designers over 90 years
Caddie Yes
Golf CartNo
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views

A view from the clubhouse

This club has 3 18-hole courses. Compared to the other two New Course and Eden Course, this is one inferior to them in its design. Especially the front 9 has only 2900 yards for par 35, which is not challenging by modern standards. Note, however, that it is fun to play at holes such as the 4th and the 11th, with the fully-grown trees providing a great feeling of its tradition and well-designed layouts. All grasses on fairways and greens were changed into new ones in 2006 providing much better course conditions.


4th  Par 4 403 yards

4th Par 4 403 yards (2)

4th Par 4 403 yards (1)
The fairway is tight with OB on the left and bushes on the right. Moreover, a big tree, in the middle of the fairway 190 yards from the tee will give you psychological pressure. You had better hit the tee-shot to the right side of the fairway to avoid the greenside tree on the left. Be aware of a water hazard in front of the green.
5th  Par 3 193 yards

5th Par 3 193 yards
An uphill par 3. The pair of bunkers in front of the green make the yardage look less than it is. If fact, you need to use one more club than you would normally because of the uphill slope. The green is 35 yards deep but not wide.
11th  Par 4 477 yards

11th Par 4 477 yards (2)

11th Par 4 477 yards (1)
This hole swings almost 90 degrees to the left. The 3 bunkers are superbly placed at the corners and they do not allow you to make shortcuts easily.
You need to fly 260 yards over the bunkers. The second shot is also long and difficult. There is an OB right over the green and another OB at the right of the green, with a sharp slope at the left.
16th  Par 3 200 yards

16th green seen from 17th tee

16th Par 3 200 yards
A slight downhill par 3. The green is small and well guarded by the bunkers.
19th hole

Visitors can play on weekdays but not on weekends. There are 5 private golf clubs in Hong Kong and Macau and this club is the most prestigious with the longest history among them. It is a little regrettable this time that I needed to play the front tees, not the back tees because the competition that I joined required me to do so.

Menbers' lounge


Swimming pool

There are three levels of caddies, A, B & C, and the fees vary according to the level. For C, they just carry bags, level bunkers and clean balls. For B, in addition to the above they watch carefully where balls land and sometimes read greens. For A, they are interns or have intern-level skills and are familiar with advising on every hole and reading the greens. Each player has his own caddie, costing about US 21 dollars for C and US 35 dollars for A.