Shek O Golf & Country Club

Course Data
LocationHong Kong
Yardage4653 yards Par 65
Course Rating64.8
Playing Date17 Oct. 2003
DesignerNot known
Golf CartNo
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction

The course is over 80 years old and is characterized by of no par 5s and 7 par 3s. There are 11 par 4s, most of them are short in distance, two or three of which you might hit greens in one. However, there are 4 par 3s over 200 yards, all very challenging, so the overall difficulty is increased because of this. The limited natural terrain has led to many holes being designed poorly. The ocean views that can be seen from each of first 9 holes are breathtaking.
1st  Par 3 210 yards
1番 パー3 210ヤード
1st Par 3 210 yards
A downhill par 3 with an elevated green. If you hit too far to the right, the bush on the right side of the green will catch your ball. You can see the beautiful ocean behind the green.
3rd  Par 4 414 yards
3番 パー4 414ヤード
3rd Par 4 414 yards
The is the only hole over 400 yards. The width of the fairway at the landing area from the tee is narrow, about 40 yards, and there is an OB right behind the green.
6th Par 3 201 yards
6番 パー3 201ヤード
6th Par 3 201 yards
A slight uphill par3 with a hazard between the tee and the green. The ocean running along the right side of the entire hole is impressive.
9th  Par 3 209 yards
9番 パー3 209ヤード
9th Par 3 209 yards
A slight downhill par 3 with danger on the right side of the green.
12th  Par 3 175 yards
12番 パー3 175ヤード
12th Par 3 175 yards
The magnificent clusters of trees that can be seen behind the green makes this hole very pretty. There are bunkers on the right & left front sides of the green. On the right side of the green there is bush and an OB at the back.
18th Par 3 299 yards
18番 パー3 299ヤード
18th Par 3 299 yards

The green is located to the right of the clubhouse. The approach shot to the green is about 10 yards uphill.

19th hole
クラブハウスからの景色Need to be accompanied by a member. I have played 3 times before and the greens were in much better condition last time I played here 3 years ago in 2000. The course is not crowded at all due to the small number of members. The clubhouse is totally relaxing and the views from there are wide-open and breathtaking. This is not a championship course but you can relax during and after your play thanks to the friendly atmosphere.