Brick & Wood Club

Course Data
LocationChiba, Japan
Yardage7002 yards Par 72
Course Rating73.0
Playing Date24 Oct. 2005
Designer Desmond Muirhead
Golf CartYes (Compulsory)
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Course Layout
Difficulty Level
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Fairways Condition
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This hilly course has relatively tight landing zones and requires demanding shots such as over ravines, woods or OBs. It is very challenging layout suitable for athletic golfers. The front and ladies’ tees cut doglegs and omit hitting over the hazards to make the difficult holes much easier, so every level of players can enjoy playing here. The fairway is always undulated and you seldom hit from even lies requiring you to hit good shots from various lies. The course harmonizes well with the surrounding nature.

A view from the clubhouse

A view

A view from the 15th hole

2nd Par 4 449 yards
A gentle downhill, 90-degree dogleg to the left 120 yards off the green. The tight fairway is guarded by ravines on both sides. The left side of the green is the ravine which is also OB and the green is elevated with thick roughs around it, so a precise second shot is needed.

2nd Par 4 449 yards (3)

2nd Par 4 449 yards (2)

2nd Par 4 449 yards (1)
3rd Par 3 222 yards

3rd Par 3 222 yards (2)

3rd Par 3 222 yards (1)
A long downhill par 3 over a ravine. The left hand side of the green is wide open but the right side of the green is protected by bunkers with OB on their further right, so the left to the right players should be careful. The green is deep and triple-tiered.
4th Par 4 427 yards

4th Par 4 427 yards (2)

4th Par 4 427 yards (1)
A dogleg to the right. The tee shot is uphill and the second shot is sharp (highly) downhill. Both shots needs to be accurate and moreover the right club selection on the downhill second shot is crucial to have a good score on this hole.
7th Par 4 353 yards
A short downhill par 4. A long hitter may be able to hit the green in 1 but the tee shot is demanding as the landing area is squeezed by the trees and water hazards from both sides. When your tee shot is errant, you will be penalized with bogie of double bogie. Likewise, your good drive will likely be rewarded with birdie. The green seen from the back is charming.

7th green seen from behind

7th Par 4 353 yards (2)

7th Par 4 353 yards (1)
10th Par 5 492 yards
A “S” shaped, short par 5 with a dogleg to the left followed by a slightly dogleg to the right. A long hitter can reach the green in 2. The green is deep with bunkers on both sides.

10th Par 5 492 yards (3)

10th Par 5 492 yards (2)

10th Par 5 492 yards (1)
13th Par 3 212 yards

13th Par 3 212 yards (2)

13th Par 3 212 yards (1)
A hole over water with OB on the left. The green is surrounded by trees, which is not just beautiful but also challenging. When you are short of the green, your ball tends to roll down to the button of the slope and the next approach shot will be difficult. The green slopes from the back to the front.
16th Par 4 478 yards

16th Par 4 478 yards (2)

16th Par 4 478 yards (1)
A slightly uphill, straight hole with the heavily tee-lined fairway. Unless you are a long hitter, you can’t hit the green in regulation on this very long uphill par 4 . One should lay up the second shot in front of deep bunkers guarding the front side of the green and save par with a good approach shot. The green is fast from the back.
17th Par 3 198 yards

17th Par 3 198 yards
A beautiful, greatly downhill par 3. The green is wide with a series of bunkers and a lake around it. The green drops about 25 meters (80 ft.) from the tee, so the right club selection is crucial on this hole.
18th Par 4 446 yards
A dogleg to the left, difficult hole. The tee shot is downhill with water on the left and the second shot is uphill. The green is located on a knoll with a deep bunker on the left, so you should hit long rather than short on the approach shot.

18th Par 4 446 yards (3)

18th Par 4 446 yards (2)

18th Par 4 446 yards (1)
19th hole


It takes about one hour by car when the Tokyo Bay coast-to-coast expressway. Visitors can play with a member’s introduction or trough Internet booking agencies. You can stay the night at camping cars next to the 18th hole. The yardage sticks are measured not from the centers of the greens but from the front edges of the greens. You need to apply for the caddie master to play from the longest tees.

Currently, the number of members is 800 and the 40% of them are women. The ratio is one of highest in Japan in terms of membership golf clubs. Therefore, there are a lot of the club sponsored women competitions.

The course was awarded 100th place out of 2400 courses in 2004’s Japanese golf course rankings sponsored by Japan Golf Classic Magazine. The other Desmond Muirhead designed courses in Asia are Wakagi GC (34th of the above rankings), Segovia GC In Chiyoda (44th of the above rankings), Oak Village GC, Fuji Country Shibayama GC, Fuji Classic GC, Shinyou CC in Japan, St. Andrews 2000, The Emerald GC in Thailand, and Imperial GC in Indonesia.