Katsuragi Golf Club - Ugari Course - B Green

Coarse Data
Location Shizuoka, Japan
Yardage 6853 yards Par 72
Course Rating 72.8
Playing Date 3 Dec. 2003
Desingner Seiichi Inoue
Opened 1976
Caddy Yes
Golf Cart Yes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction
Katsuragi Golf Club
There are 36 holes, comprising of Yamana Course and Ugari Course. The Yamana Course is more challenging. This Ugari Course has wider fairways and is suitable for beginners and mid-level players as it is easier. Each hole has 2 greens.
3rd Par 3 164 yards
3番 パー3 164ヤード
3rd Par 3 164 yards
A beautiful par 3 over water. It is a gentle downhill and bunkers protect around the green.
8th Par 4 411 yards
8番 パー4 411ヤード
8th Par 4 411 yards (2)
8番 パー4 411ヤード
8th Par 4 411 yards (1)
If you hit onto the upper row of the double-tiered fairway, you can use middle irons on the second shot. However, if it stops at the lower tier of the fairway, a pin not only hardly appear, but also the remaining distance is over 210 yards, so it becomes difficult to hit the green in regulation. The second shot is downhill, and the right club selection is required.
9th Par 5 564 yards
9番 パー5 564ヤード
9th Par 5 564 yards (2)
9番 パー5 564ヤード
9th Par 5 564 yards (1)
A gentle uphill, long par 5. The fairway is narrow, and trees guarding both sides of the fairway come into play, you feel pressure off the tee. There is OB from the tee to the green on the right, so be careful for left to right balls.

11th Par 4 407 yards
11番 パー4 407ヤード
11th Par 4 407 yards (2)
11番 パー4 407ヤード
11th Par 4 407 yards (1)
A par 4 dogleg that curbs almost perpendicularly to right. Since a pond is at the right corner, it is safe to hit the left side of the fairway. This will give you an easy to aim to the green on the second shot.

12th Par 3 183 yards
12番 パー3 183ヤード
12th Par 3 183 yards
A par 3 with a lake. Be careful of OB on the right. The green slopes sharply from the back to the front and pay special attention to downhill putts.
17th Par 5 517 yards
17番 パー5 517ヤード
17th Par 5 517 yards
No need to worry about OB on the tee shot, you can hit as far as you like. The second shot is slight uphill, and a lake of the right hand side becomes a little pressure.

19th hole

It is a two-hour drive from Nagoya and a 45-minute drive from Hamamatsu. Visitors can book through Internet booking agencies. The delicious lunch buffet in the clubhouse whatever you eat is the highly recommended.

The hotel was built in 1970’s by Mr. Kawakami, who was the owner of Yahama Corporation at that time. The Katsuragi-Kitanomaru which is next to the Katsuragi GC is the wonderful performance which rendered luxury. Kitanomaru is the castle itself rather than a hotel which did not use any halves woods but overtook the highest of the wooden structure. Although, I did not have enough time to stay this time but I was allowed to only have a look at the inside after the round, as soon as entering into there, it was very impressive because of feeling the nature of the warmth with wooden surfaces. The Japanese garden which is located inside is also beautiful, I would like to stay there if there is an opportunity in future. This hotel is also famous as the base camp hotel of the representatives of Japan during the 2002 World Cup Soccer.

ホテル葛城北の丸 ホテル客室 中から眺める日本庭園

The other great courses in Japan designed by Seiichi Inoue are Oarai GC, Takanodai CC, Ryugasaki CC, Otone CC, Kasumigaseki CC – West Course, Ibusuki GC, and Ibaragi CC - West Course, Hamano GC, Nikkou CC, Sapporo GC – Watts Course, Nishinoimiya CC. etc. Within top 100 Japanese golf course rankings, Siichi Inoue has the largest number, 17. Second is Robert Trent Jones Jr., (10), third is Jack Nicklaus (7), and fourth is Osamu Ueda (6).