Mount Kinabalu Golf Club

Course Data
LocationSabah, Malaysia 
Yardage6965 yards Par 72 
Course Rating  
Playing Date13 Apr. 2004 
DesingnerRobert Graves 
Golf CartYes (Ca be driven on the fairways) 
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views

This is a mountainous course is at the foothill of the majestic Mt. Kinabalu. Because it is perched 1500 meters (5,000 ft) above sea level, on clear days you can experience of the cool highlands golfing with spectacular views of Mt. Kinabalu. Each hole is separated by natural vegetation, classified as hazards, which makes the course difficult as well as beautiful.

A view from theclubhouse

Exotic trees on the right of 7th hole

Exotic view seen from 11th fairway

3rd Par 4 350 yards

3rd Par 4 350 yards (2)

3rd Par 4 350 yards (1)

A gentle downhill par 4. The bunker on the right of the fairway is in play on the tee shot. The green is deep.


5th Par 5 570 yards
A slight uphill dogleg to the left. The fairway is relatively tight and there is an OB on the left and hazards on the right.

5th hole seen from the green

5th Par 5 570 yards (2)

5th Par 5 570 yards (1)
7th Par 4 415 yards
A slight dogleg to the right par 4 with fantastic views. The green is double-tiered with bunkers guarding both sides of the green.

7th hole seen from the green

7th Par 4 415 yards (2)

7th Par 4 415 yards (1)
10th P ar 4 405 yards

10th Par 4 405 yards (2)

10th Par 4 405 yards (1)
A gentle downhill, slight dogleg to the left. There is a huge rock in the center of the fairway. The he fairway borders the natural hazards.
11th Par 4 355 yards

11th Par 4 355 yards (2)

11th Par 4 355 yards (1)
An uphill dogleg left side of to the right with uncanny beauty. Especially you the views looking backwards from the fairway are impressive.
13th Par 5 605 yards

13th Par 5 605 yards (2)

13th Par 5 605 yards (1)
A long par 5. It is uphill for the tee shot and then downhill for the second & third shots. Every shot on this hole is demanding because the fairway is narrow with hazards on both sides.
14th Par 4 155 yards

14th Par 4 155 yards
A spectacular par 3 over a ravine. The miniscule green is perched on the edge of a cliff, and looks very small from the elevated tee
17th Par 4 465 yards
The fairway narrows 250 yards off the tee, so a long hitter does not have to use a driver. The second shot is sharply downhill to a small green surrounded by hazards, and requires a precise approach shot.

17th hole seen from the green

17th Par 4 465 yards (2)

17th Par 4 465 yards (1)
19th hole

Mount Kinabalu hidden by clouds

It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes by car from the Kota Kinabalu Airport. The mountain road to the golf club was partially unpaved. Because the taxi we used was not a 4-wheel-drive, it could not go up the unpaved 50-meter long, very rough slope. So we had to push the taxi up the hill. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is a must to go there. Likewise, you should use the 4-wheel-drive vehicle to go to Hornbill G&JC in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Note that distance sticks are not measured to the center of the greens but to the greens’ edges.

There is no restaurant and only instant noodles are available at the Kiosk, so you had better bring your own lunch box.

The Mt. Kinabalu is 4101 meters (13,455 ft) and is famous as the highest mountain in South East Asia. We were able to see its splendid shape clearly on the way to the course, but when we got there, unluckily the clouds covered the mountain. The facilities and mountain roads for the mountain are well maintained and everyone can try to climb it. Compared to Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, that an elegant and feminine beauty, Mt. Kinabalu is attractive because of its rugged, masculine beauty.

The other famous courses in Asia using famous mountain as the borrowed landscapes are Jade Dragon Snow Mountain GC in China, and Narusawa GC and Taiheiyo Club - Gotenba Course in Japan.