Golf & Country Club Schlossgut Eppishausen Erlen

Course Data
LocationZurich, Switzerland
Yardage6263 yards Par 71
Course Rating70.9
Playing Date21 Jun. 2003
Caddie No
Golf CartLimited numbers and need advance booking, electric trolleys are available
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views

スイスの田舎の美しい風景Since the course is built on the hillside, it has a lot of ups and downs with quite a number of blind holes. However, the view from the course is splendid and we have good views of Mt.Sentis, famous in Switzerland, and in the distance savor can savor the Swiss rural scenery nearby. The first 9 has lot of good holes, making full use of the natural terrain, which make this course impressive, while the back 9 is relatively easy and has many badly designed holes because some holes are forced to use unsuitable terrain. If these holes in the back 9 are overhauled, it has high chance to become an excellent course.
1st Par 4 456 yards 

A dogleg to the right and the second shot is slightly uphill. The tee shot is difficult due to the narrow fairway. A bunker in front of the green is in play on the second.

1番 パー4 456ヤード
1st Par 4 456 yards
3rd Par 3 209 yards 

This long short hole requires a lot of accuracy. There are steep slopes on the left of the green and the ball might roll down as far as 50 yards if you

hit it there。On the other hand, when you land on the right, there is a wall 5 yards in height, only 15 yards from the green’s edge. This wall touches OB line. The distance between the left slope and the right OB is only 30 yards. If you hit a low, left to right ball, it is better since you can hit it to the wall even if you miss hit it.

3番 パー3 209ヤード
3rd Par 3 209 yards
7th Par 3 194 yards

A slight down slope with a pond in front of the green on the right and hazards at the back.. Moreover, the green, long sideways, is double tiered. A good and beautiful hole. You will be relaxed to see good views of the Swiss countryside, which spreads all over from the back of the green.

7番 パー3 194ヤード
7th Par 3 194 yards
9th Par 5 539 yards

A dogleg to the right with not generous fairways, fully guarded by trees, on both sides. So, both the tee and second shots are difficult. There is water from 50 yards short to the edge of the green and it makes it harder to hit the green in 2, for the long hitters. Ever if you decide to lay up, an accurate middle iron shot is required due to the narrow fairway.

9番 パー5 530ヤード
9th Par 5 539 yards
14th Par 4 431 yards

The tee shot is slightly uphill. The right side of the fairway is better than the left side, which blocks the flag on the green due to a mound in front. You need to hit a precise high trajectory second shot. There are guard bunkers on the front and right back of the green. Also, 20 to 25 yards off the right or left of the center of the green, the hazards are waiting.

14番 パー4 431ヤード
14th Par 4 431 yards
19th hole

The course is accessible from Zurich by car within less than 1 hour.
Today is holiday but I went to work in Zurich in the morning, started play golf at 3:00 pm and finished it at 7:00 pm, still in bright daylight. In the Swiss summer the sunrise starts from 5:00 am and sunset is at 10:00 pm. So, it is possible to play golf until 9:00 pm, which is incredible to people living in other countries.

The fact that Switzerland is covered by grass gives people the confused idea that glasses give people the confused idea of “ everywhere in Switzerland is a golf course”. Unfortunately, most are pastures for cows. Currently there are about 50 golf courses in
Switzerland and many courses require handicap certificates to play.