Navatanee Golf Course

Course Data
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Yardage6902 yards Par 72
Course Rating72.5
Playing Date15 Feb. 2004 & 2 Dec. 2005
DesingnerRobert Trent Jones Jr.
Golf CartYes (Compulsory and can be driven on fairways)
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views

This is one of the most prestigious courses in Thailand, famous for the fact the 1975 world cup was held here the first time in Asia. There is a good mix of wide and narrow fairways and natural water enters fray on five of the holes. Because of the beautiful course design, with mature big trees, and pretty flowers & shrubs, it is very much fun to play. The 6th and 18th holes represent great holes of Thailand.

A view from the clubhouse

A view from 9th green

Floweres to pretty up the course

5th  Par 4 329 yards
A very short par 4 but very good. The left side of the hole faces water-hazards and the closer to the green, the narrower the fairway becomes, so you had better avoid using a driver. The second shot becomes extremely hard if the flag is on the left side because the green is only 15 yards deep with water in front and trees at the back of the green.

5th  Par 4 329 yards (3)

5th  Par 4 329 yards (2)

5th  Par 4 329 yards (1)
6th  Par 4 445 yards

6th hole seen from the green

A signature hole. This beautiful hole was selected as one of the best 500 holes in the world in 2000 by US Golf Magazine. A very challenging par 4 with a slight dogleg to the left. It is an intimidating hole even for good players. The left side of the fairway faces a lake and the second shot is across the lake. You need to hit the tee shot to the left half of the fairway in order to hit the green for the next shot. Mounds catch the safe tee shot right, leaving a sloping lie. Because the front side of the green borders the water, if you are short of the green, even a little, you will be in is the water hazard. The green slants from back to front and is slightly elevated. When you hit a poor tee shot, you should not force yourself to aim for the green on the second shot, and had better lay up on the fairway, 40 to 50 yards left front of the green. Making par on this hole is a notable achievement.


6th  Par 4 445 yards (3)

6th  Par 4 445 yards (2)

6th  Par 4 445 yards (1)
9th  Par 5 552 yard
A dogleg left par 5 with water on the left side. The tee shot is threatened on the left by a lake, but if you play safe to the right, the distance of the second shot which must be played across the lake will be longer. It is possible to hit the green in 2 for a long hitter but the left side of the green is bordered by a water hazard, so a long, accurate 3 wood second shot is needed to hit the green. Tom Kyte, a US PGA pro, in his hey day some decades ago, scored more than 10 on this hole by hitting to the lake a few times on his second shots in order to reach the green in 2. He claimed the club to re-measure of the distance after the game because of the wrong yardage. But the yardage was found out to be right and it seemed that the subtle winds threw him his distance estimates off.

9th  Par 5 552 yard (3)

9th  Par 5 552 yard (2)

9th  Par 5 552 yard (1)
11th  Par 3 198 yards

11th  Par 3 198 yards (2)

11th  Par 3 198 yards (1)
A beautiful par 3 over the lake. There is also danger beyond the green, which is elongated and guarded by bunkers.
12th  Par 4 383 yards

12th  Par 4 383 yards (2)

12th  Par 4 383 yards (1)
A dogleg to the left with the green swung to the right. A large bunker on the left catches 240-yard drives. When the pin position is on the right, the second shot is over water and bunkers, which will be more difficult.
13th Par 5 580 yards
An “S” shaped par 5 with a slight dogleg to the left followed by a dogleg to the right. Various bunkers guarding the fairway and the green come into play on each shot.

13th  Par 5 580 yards (3)

13th  Par 5 580 yards (2)

13th  Par 5 580 yards (1)
19th  hole

It takes only 30 minutes by car from Central Bangkok and it does not take more than 4 hours to finish 18 holes, which is rare in Thailand. You need to be accompanied by a member to play on weekends and holidays. Therefore, it is suitable for players who have tight schedules.

It is not allowed to play from the back tee in the mornings of weekends. I played from the front tees this time because of the Sunday morning tee time. But I played from the back tees a year ago, and based on it I rated the course 3 for the difficulty level. The course was a delight to play thanks to the seed of playing, and I felt much better than the over-all rating of 3.80 because of that and the course.


A tortoise found in the course

Robert Trent Jones Jr. has designed over 250 golf courses in the world since 1972. Santiburi CC, Green Valley CC, Eastern Star GC, and President CC are among his designs in Thailand.