Siam Country Club (Plantation Course)-Sugar Cane & Tapioka Course

Course Date
Location Pattaya, Thailand
Yardage 7488 yards, Par 72
Course Rating 75.1
Playing Date Feb 17, 2015
Designer Lee Schmidt & Brian Curley
Opened 2008
Caddy Yes
Golf Cart Yes
Overall Raring
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views

The Plantation Course at Siam GC is a hillside course, sitting high on top of many natural rolling hills, with three distinct 9 holes. Among them Sugar Cane & Tapioka is the most popular combination that hosted Thailand Open 2015 although the professional tournaments use Tapioka & Pineapple 18 holes. The biggest difference of Sugar Cane and Pineapple is the Sugar Cane is much hillier and the Pineapple has more water hazards. The Sugar Cane Course is arguably the best of the 3 nines. The Sugar Cane & Tapioka Course that I played this time makes players hit the second shots from undulating, not even, lies, and has a lot of strategically placed bunkers. The course is suitable for the advanced to medium-level players as a lot of fairway and greenside bunkers will come into play on each shot. Besides it is very long with the thick roughs, many long carries and elevated & highly contoured greens, which make the course very tough. The plantation course also features significant elevation changes that result in several breathtaking sea views approximately 11 kilometers away.

A view from clubhouse

A view from 5th green

1st Par 4 400 yards

1st Par 4 400 yards (2)

1st Par 4 400 yards (1)

This par 4 bends left almost at the right angle. Several bunkers are at the left corner, and you need to carry 235 yards to go over the cross bunker on the very right. The fairway falls sharply leftward, so when you hit a draw ball, it may roll into the bunker. The two-tier green goes higher at the back and it slopes to the left. The right side of the green is guarded by the bunker.

3rd Par 3 195 yards

3rd Par 3 195 yards

It is a slight downhill par 3. The two tied green is long and narrow with large undulation. Three bunkers around the green make this hole challenging.

5th Par 5 596 yards

It is a dogleg right uphill long par 5 with as much as 28 bunkers. Several bunkers in the middle divide the fairway right and left, producing split fairways off the tee. If you go left with the first and the second shots, the third one will be opened and can aim the green despite the longer route. The two tiered green is sharply stepped and guarded with three bunkers on the right.


5th Par 5 596 yards (3)

5th Par 5 596 yards (2)

5th Par 5 596 yards (1)
6th Par 3 242 yards

6th Par 3 242 yards (2)

6th Par 3 242 yards (1)
It is a very long downhill par 3. A ridge runs the center of the green, and it sharply drops from the right back to the left front.
9th Par 4 498 yards

9th Par 4 498 yards (2)

9th Par 4 498 yards (1)
It is a very long slight dogleg left par 4. Of the tee is downhill, and the second is an uphill shot. The green goes sharply down to the right with three shallow tiers. There is a bunker on the left of the green.
11th Par 5 606 yards

It is a long slight dogleg right par 5. Of the tee, aim the left fairway bunker in 300 yards. The landing area of the fairway slopes rightward. For the second shot, 3 bunkers in the middle of the fairway come into play. The green is a long oval shape and the ridge runs in its center.


11th Par 5 606 yards (3)

11th Par 5 606 yards (2)

11th Par 5 606 yards (1)
13th Par 5 581 yards

It is a tough dogleg right hole. The right fairway bunkers come into play of the tee. The landing area of the second shot is narrow with two bunkers and bushes on the right and you can see the valley on the right. The long oval shaped green is guarded with bunkers on both sides, and it has a dent in the center.


13th Par 5 581 yards (3)

13th Par 5 581 yards (2)

13th Par 5 581 yards (1)
16th Par 3 172 yards

16th Par 3 172 yards (2)

16th Par 3 172 yards (1)
This par 3 hole has three bunkers on the left protecting the green. It is an oval shape and shared with 2 other holes. If you go over the green, it is a green for other hole with sharp step downwards and your returning putt will be very tough.
17th Par 4 466 yards

17th Par 4 466 yards (2)

17th Par 4 466 yards (1)
It is a relatively straight gradual downhill par 4. A large bunker on the left makes your tee shot strategic. The oval shaped elevated green is guarded with two bunkers on the front. The second shot is a downhill lie and requires high skill to hit long but spin and stop on the green.
19th hole
Siam Country Club is a 30-minute drive from Pattaya and 1 hour & 45 minute-drive from Central Bangkok. Siam Country Club has there golf courses: Old Course, Plantation Couse and Waterside Course. Each golf course has its own clubhouse and it takes only 5-minute drive from one course to another.




Other works of Lee Schmidt & Brian Curley designed courses in Thailand are Siam CC - Old Course, Amata Spring CC, Muang Kaew GC (re-design), and Chiang Mai Highlands G&SR.

.According to the site, The Plantation Course at Siam Country Club was ranked 16th out of the 270 (as of 2015) courses in all of Thailand during its 2015 evaluation.

Rimpa Lapi

Rimpa Lapi

Rimpa Lapi

After play, I had a dinner at Rimpa Lapai, offering a variety of food style, Thai food, Europe food, and sea food, which is located anong the seashore and a 30-minute drive from Pattaya. Rimpa Lapai is one of famous restaurant in Pattaya as it is situated next to a cliff, which it is quite difficult to find somewhere else. Having a dinner here under sunset was superb.