Suwan Golf & Country Club

Course Data
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Yardage 7110 yards Par 72
Course Rating  
Playing Date 30 Aug. 2010
Designer Weerayudth Phebuasak 
Opened 2005
Caddy Yes
Golf Cart Yes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Condition
Fairways Condition
Landscaping & Views
Level of Satisfaction

Suwan Golf & Country Club is laid out on a flat terrain. Its layout is challenging with loads of strategically placed water hazards and with some of the good rolling greens around. Waters come into play on 17 out of 18 holes. Several holes require accurate & straight drives so as to avoid the water, OBs and fairway bunkers. Greens condition is good and Putting surfaces are among the best in Bangkok area. The 2011 Thailand Open was hosted here.

A view from clubhouse

18th green and fountain

Plants & "Thank You" in 18th hole

2nd Par 5 566 yards
A challenging double-dogleg with a sharp dogleg to the right followed by a slight dogleg to the left. Water on both sides comes into play and the left bunker is reachable off the tee. The OB line is just left of the cart path, so an accurate second shot is needed. A long & huge bunker running down the right side from 50 yards in front of the green to the green, thus the fairway becomes quite narrower, making the second shot for long hitters more difficult. The green is slightly elevated and double-tiered with the higher back.

2nd Par 5 566 yards (3)

2nd Par 5 566 yards (2)

2nd Par 5 566 yards (1)
4th Par 4 396 yards
An almost straight par 4. Off the tee, water runs down the right side and right to left balls could easily become an OB on the left. The narrow green is 50 yards deep with bankers on the left and water bordering the entire right side of the green, so an accurate approach shot is needed.

4th green seen from 5th tee

4th Par 4 396 yards (2)

4th Par 4 396 yards (1)
9th Par 4 406 yards

9th Par 4 406 yards (2)

9th Par 4 406 yards (1)
A straight hole. Pay attention to water and bunkers along the right off the tee. The second shot is over water. The large green id double-tiered and slopes steeply from back to front.
11th Par 5 533 yards
An almost straight, challenging par 5. A river runs right of the tee ground, then runs along left of the fairway, crosses the fairway, runs again along the right side of the fairway, and finally runs through the right side of the green. The left river comes into play off the tee and the right river on the second shot that is over the river and a large tree. Pay attention to a deep bunker protecting the front side of the green and water on the left on the approach shot. The green slopes slightly from front to back.

11th Par 5 533 yards (3)

11th Par 5 533 yards (2)

11th Par 5 533 yards (1)
14th Par 4 419 yards

14th Par 4 419 yards (2)

14th Par 4 419 yards (1)
A sharp dogleg to the left with a little over 90 degrees. Careful shot planning is required off the tee as water runs along both sides of narrow landing area. The second shot is over the water and needs to avoid the deep bunker guarding the front right of the elevated green. The front half of the green slopes strongly from back to front, and the back half slopes gently from front to back.
16th Par 3 204 yards

16th Par 3 204 yards (2)

16th Par 3 204 yards (1)
A par 3 over water. A wide green is protruded from the left into a lake and slopes from left to right.
17th Par 4 381 yards
A strong dogleg to the left, signature hole. Be careful of water hazard on the left off the tee. Don’t attempt to cut the dogleg so much as the water awaits beyond several sugar palms on the left. The second shot is over a lily pond with numerous lotuses, which offers a picturesque view. The front and left sides of the green faces the pond and the left side is guarded by two bunkers. A relatively small green is triple-tiered.

17th Par 4 381 yards (3)

17th Par 4 381 yards (2)

17th Par 4 381 yards (1)
19th hole
It is an hour drive from Bangkok. Players can play freely from the longest tees. The green fees are inexpensive in spite of the excellent course, so the cost-performance is good.


A Thai food

.According to the site, Suwan G&CC was ranked 23rd out of the 270 (as of 2015) courses in all of Thailand during its 2016 evaluation.

Weerayudth Phebuasak is an active Major general of Thai Army and his other designed courses are Sea Pines GC, Narai Hill GR, Sir James CC in Thailand, and Garden City GC, Phokeethra CC in Cambodia.