Suvarnbhumi Golf and Country Club – North & East Course

Course Data
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Yardage6910 yards Par 72
Course Rating73.0
Playing Date2 Oct. 2004
DesingnerRobert Trent Jones Jr.
Golf CartYes
Overall Rating
Course Layout
Difficulty Level
Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views
There are 36 holes in total on a flat terrain, North & East Course and West & South Course. Fairways are relatively wide and trees separating the holes are few and small, so you don’t feel pressured on your drives and you might feel this is like an easy resort course. But some holes have strategically placed water hazards, making them demanding. Also, all par 3s are great with excellent layouts. The former nane is Preident Country Club.
2nd  Par 4 401 yards

2nd Par 4 401 yards (2)

2nd Par 4 401 yards (1)
An almost straight hole with the green swung to the left at the end of the fairway. The front and the right sides of the green border a lake. The green is very narrow in depth. When the pin is on the right, the green between water in the front and rough at the back is only 15 yards deep, and when the pin is on the left, bunkers at the back come into play.

6th  Par 3 177 yards
A very beautiful layout shooting over a lake. The green’ s front side faces water with bunkers on the both sides, which can intimidate even advanced players.

6th hole seen from the green

6th green

6th Par 3 177 yards
13th  Par 4 333 yards

13th Par 4 333 yards

A short dogleg to the right with a lake on the right. The tee shot is over the lake. The contrast between the lake and various bunkers around the hole is pretty.


14th Par 3 154 yards

14th Par 3 154 yards
A par 3 over a lake. The front and right sides of the green border the lake and the green is very wide.
17th  Par 3 197 yards

17th Par 3 197 yards
This par 3 also is over a lake. Bunkers guarding the green make the hole challenging.
18th Par 4 441 yards
A long, slightly bending dogleg to the left with water on the left side of the fairway right up to the front of the green. This hole is positioned on the right side of a big lake with the West & South’s 18th hole on the left side, sharing the same green. The clubhouse looks beautiful seen from the hole.

18th green

18th Par 4 441 yards (2)

18th Par 4 441 yards (1)
19th hole

It takes 1 hour by car from Central Bangkok. A sauna is available.

The picture shows 10 people, 5 players and 5 caddies, on one green, which is rare in other countries but not in Thailand.

I played this North & East Course in the morning and the West & South Course in the afternoon on the same day. I could play the North & East Course from the gold tees, the longest tees, but could not do the same on the North & East Course. I played it on Sunday and you can’t play from gold tees on Saturdays and Sundays, only on weekdays. I was very lucky to be able to play the North & East Course from the gold tees because of their mistake. When you play 36 holes in a day, you can get a discount on the afternoon’s green fee.

Robert Trent Jones Jr. has designed over 250 golf courses in the world since 1972. Santiburi CC, Green Valley CC, Eastern Star GC, and Navatanee GC are among his designs in Thailand.