2019.05.10 - Rated 45 courses in Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Morocco, Taipei, and Malaysia played from Feb to Apr 2019
   Rated Tokyo Olmpics Course Kasumigaseki (East), newly renovated Tokyo GC & Taiheiyo Club (Gotenba) played on Nov 2018
2018.10.19 - Rated 28 courses in France, Netherlands, Belgium & Denmark
2018.08.19 Japan     Passage Kinkai Island GC - recommended UP
2018.07.15 - Rated 13 courses in Hawaii
        Korea     South Cape GC - highly recommended UP
2017.11.22 - Rated 46 great courses in England & Wales played in the summer of 2017, and several courses each in India, Korea,
         Taiwan, China & Japan. I will be playing 151 new courses this year.
2017.11.19 Taiwan     Ta Shee G&;CC (East & Center Course), Taiwan G&CC UP
        Brunei      Empire H&CC UP
        Australia    Royal Melbourne GC (East Course) - recommended UP
2017.08.16 Philippines   Anvaya Cove G&SC - recommended UP
2017.07.07 China      Weihai Point H&GR - recommended UP
2017.07.02 - Rated 26 great courses in America played in North & South Carolina, Gerogia, & Florida in April 2017
          - 4 courses World Top 100, 8 courses US Top 100 -
2017.06.08 - Rated 26 great courses in America played in NY, NJ, Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Oregon in May 2017
          - 6 courses World Top 100, 12 courses US Top 100 -
2017.06.03 America    Olympia Field CC (North Course) - recommended UP
2017.03.06 Cambodia    Garden City GC - recommended, Grand Phnom Penh GC UP
2017.03.05 Laos       Luang Prabang GC, Long Vien GC UP
2017.02.03 America    Erin Hills GC - 2017 US Open, Blackwolf Run (River Course), Milwaukee CC - all three are recommended UP
2017.01.14 Thailand    Siam CC (Old Course)- recommended, Thai Country UP
2017.01.13 Korea      The Club at Nine Bridges - highly recommended UP
        China      Shanqin Bay GC - highly recommended, Beijing Honghua International GC UP
        Indoneshia   Nirwana Bali GC - highly recommended UP
2016.10.12 Japan      Hirono GC, Kawana GC (Fuji Course) - both are revised and highly recommended - UP
2016.10.09 - Rated 29 great courses in America played in September 2016 - 10 courses World Top 100, 15 courses US Top 100
2016.10.07 Thailand    Amata Spring CC - recommended UP
2016.06.05 Thailand    Royal Gems Golf City UP
2016.03.13 - Rated 31 courses in Scotland, 17 courses in England, and 20 courses in California, using the new evaluation method.
2016.02.28 Vietnam    The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip GC - hilgy recommended UP
2016.02.24 Vietnam    Dalat Palace GC UP
2016.01.21 Vietnam    Tan Son Nhat GC (C&D Course), Twin Doves GC UP
 A new factor titled the “Level of Satisfaction” has now been introduced for courses reviewed after 2016. This feature now accounts for 15% of the total review score.
 This new feature was introduced to me through the advice of Pitak Intrawityanunt, the owner chairman and very successful and talented amateur designer of the internationally famous and acknowledged course,
2015.09.05 Thailand    Siam CC – Plantation Course & Waterside Course UP
2015.08.31 Scotland    Prestwick GC UP
2015.08.23 Macau      Caesars Golf Macau UP
        Thailand    Ayodhya Links (highly recommended) UP
2015.07.13 Thailand     Kirimaya GR&S UP
2015.06.12 China      Kunming Lakeview GC UP
2015.01.10 China      Sheshan International (佘山国际) GC - hilgy recommended UP
2014.12.25 China      Mission Hills (Norman Course) - recommended UP
        Hong Kong  Kaii Sai Chau (East Course) UP
2014.05.26 Hong Kong  The Clearwater Bay G&CC UP again
2013.12.01 Australia   Glades GC (recommended) UP again fro only pictures
2011.07.16 New Zealand Gulf Harbour GC (recommended), Titirangi GC, Muriwai GC, Kinloch GC (Highly recommended) UP
                Kauri Cliffs GC (Highly recommended), Mangawhai GC UP
2011.06.05 China     California County(加州水郡)GC UP
        New Zealand Wairakei GC(recommended) UP
2011.03.09 Vi etnam   Vietnam G&CC - West Course, Long Thanh GG - Lake Course, Dong Nai GR, Song Be GR UP
2010.11.13 China     Beijing Links(北京北辰)GC UP
2010.09.05 Thailand   Suwan G&CC UP
2010.09.03 Thailand    The Banyan GC Hua Hin (recommended), Black Mountain GC UP
2010.04.11 Hong Kong  Hong Kong GC - Eden Course & New Course Upgraded green condtions
                 Discovery Bay GC Downgraded green & fairway condtions
2008.09.12 Indoneshia  Bali G&CC UP again
2008.09.10 Australia   The Vines G&CC - Lakes Course UP
2008.09.09 Philippines  Eagle Ridge G&CC - Dye Course (recommended), Norman Course & Aoki Course
2008.08.24 Australia   Burnbougle Dunes GL (highly, highly recommended), Moonah Links - Open Course Australia
2008.08.23 Australia   Joondalup CC,The Cut at Port Bouvard G&CC (recommended) UP
        China     Tiger Beach(海陽旭宝)GL (recommended) UP
2007.07.13 China     Mission Hills(觀瀾湖)GC – Duval Course & Anika Course UP
        Australia   The Australian GC, St Michael's GC UP
2006.06.01 Malaysia   2 courses in Langkawi, Gunung Raya GR, The Golf Club Datai Bay (recommended) UP
2008.05.23 Japan     Jun Classic GC UP
        Sri Lanka   Water Edge GC UP
2008.04.05 Korea     Hwa Shan CC, IMG National GC UP
2008.04.12 Cambodia   Phokeethra CC, Angkor GR (recommended) UP
2008.04.11 Korea     Woo Jeong Hills GC, Oak Valley CC, Pine Creek (recommended) UP
2008.03.27 Australia   Camden Lakeside CC UP
2008.03.20 Thailand    Blue Sapphire G&R, Mission Hills GC, River Kwai G&CC UP
2008.03.18 Japan     Oak Hills CC UP
        Thailand    A new course in Phulet Red Mountain GC (recommended) UP
2008.03.16 Malaysia    Royal Pahang GC UP
2008.03.02 Malaysia    3 courses in Pahang, Pantai Lagenda CC (recommended), Awana Kijal G&BR, Astana G&CC UP
2008.01.05 Japan     Brick & Wood Club (recommended), Segovia GC in Chiyoda UP
2007.12.29 Malaysia    3 courses in Sarawak, Hornbill G&JC, Damai G&CC & Saraak GC UP
2007.12.28 Thailand    2 courses in Phuket, Lock Palm GC & Thai Muang Beach G&M UP
        Sri Lanka   Victoria G&CCR, Nuara Eliya GC & Royal Colombo GC UP
2007.12.09 Japan     Taihaiyo Club - Gotenba Cours & Masuko Course (recommended) UP
2007.12.06 Thailand    Laguna Phuket GC, Phuket CC - Old Course & New Course UP
2007.10.07 Japan     Kawana Hotel GC – Fuji Course (highly recommend) & Oshima Course UP
2007.10.05 China      Dalian Xiali (大連夏麗) CC, Dalian Northshore (大連長興島) GC UP
        Hong Kong  Discovery Bay GC UP again
2007.09.02 Thailand    Chiangmai Lamphun GC, Mission Hills Phuket GR&S, Santiburi CC (highly recommend) UP
2007.08.27 Australia   The National GC - Old Course & Moonah Course (highly recommend both) UP
2007.08.01 Hong Kong  Hong Kong GC - Eden Course UP again
2007.07.31 Japan     Otaru CC, Eniwa CC UP
        Australia   New South Wales (34th in the world), The Lakes GC (highly recommend) UP
2007.07.20 Australia   Huntingdale GC, Kingston Heath GC (27th in the world), Terry Hills G&CC UP
2007.07.18 Thailand    Lam Lukka CC - CD Course, Rayong Green Valley CC UP
        China      Dalian Golden Jin Shi (大連金石) GC - A & B Course (highly recommend A Course) UP
2007.06.27 Japan   North CC, Tsukisappu GC UP
2007.06.13 Thailand Gassan Khuntan GC, Royal Chiang Mai GC UP
2007.06.11 Thailand Thai CC UP
2007.06.10 Malaysia Palm Garden GC, Impian G&CC, The Legends G&CR (highly recommend) UP
        Thailand Waterford Valley GC&R, Chiangmai Green Valley CC UP
2007.06.08 Thailand Chiang Mai Highlands G&SR UP
        Japan Sapporo GC - Wattsu Course UP
2007.05.20 Royal Melbourne GC - West Course (top 10 in the world, highly recommend)
2007.04.27 Thailand Pattana SC, The Legacy GC, Mountain Shadow GC UP
        China Tomson Shanghai Pudong (湯臣上海浦東高) GC UP
        Japan Gozennsui GC, Katsura GC (highly recommend), Nidom CC - Nispa Course & Ikoro Course UP
2007.04.22 Japan  Tomakomai CC - Brooks Course, Tokyo GC UP
        China  Shenzhen Jiulong Hills (深圳九龍山) GC, Shanghai West (上海光明)> GC,
             Shanghai Silport (上海旭宝)GC - East &Center Course UP
2007.03.11 China  Shanghai Links(上海林克司斯)G&CC, Pine Valley (珠海萬盛) S&CC,
             Shenzhen Jiulong Hills (深圳九龍山) GC UP
        Singapore Laguna International G&CC - Masters Course, National Service R&CC,
             Sembawang CC UP
2007.03.05 China  Garbotax (嘉寳田)G&CC, Huizhou Lakefront (恵州濤景)GC&R UP
        Taiwan Palm Lakes (棕梠湖)R, Chianan (嘉南)GCC, Hsin Yi (信誼)GC, Nan Yi (南一)G&CC UP
2007.03.02 Hong Kong Kau Sai Chau Public (賽馬會滘西洲公眾)GC - North Course (highly recommend) UP
        Australia The National GC - Ocean Course, Royal Pines GR UP
        Japan Narusawa GC, Hokkaido Classic GC (highly recommend), Oarai GC (highly recommend),
             Horai CC (highly recommend), Katsuragi GC - Yamana Course & Ugari Course UP
        Thailand Lakewood CC UP
        China Yalong Bay(亜龍湾)GC, Shanghai International(上海国際) UP
2007.02.10 Hong Kong Discovery Bay GC (My Home Course) UP
        China Lake Malaren (美蘭湖)GC - Lakes Course UP
        Malyasia Saujana G&CC - Palm Course (Highly recommend) & Bung Raya Course UP
        Australia Robina Woods GC, Sanctuary Cove - Palms Course UP
     I won't update until the end of Jan. 2007 Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !
2006.12.15 Japan Hannou GC UP
2006.12.12 Australia Glades GC, Hope Island GC UP
2006.12.03 Indonesia  Lombok Golf Kosaido CC UP
2006.11.22 China Sansui Spring (三水温泉)GC UP
2006.11.19 Thai Navatanee GC, Blue Canyou CC - Canyon Course (highly recommend) & Lakes Course UP
            St Andrewa 2000 UP Again
        Indonesia Bali Handara Kosaido CC UP
        Philipines St. Elen a GC, Riviera GC - Langer Course, Wack Wack G&CC - East Course UP
2006.11.12 Thailand Leam Chabang CC (highly recommend), Bangpra International GC, Burapha-AB Course UP
2006.11.10 China Mission Hills(觀瀾湖)GC – Fald Course UP
        Malaysia Genmarie G&CC-Garden Course, Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS) UP
        Philipines Manila Southwoods G&CC-Masters Course, Orchard G&CC-Palmer Course UP
2006.10.14 Thailand Khao Kheow CC UP
2006.10.08 Malaysia 2 great courses, Clearwater Sancturary GR, The Mines R&GC UP
        China Shenzen Sand River GC (a great course in Southern China), Peach Garden Fontaine GC UP
2006.09.17 Hong Kong Kai Sai Chau Poulic GC - South Course UP
        China Nanhu (南湖) GC, Mission Hills (觀瀾湖) GC – Leadbetter Course UP
        Thailand Lam Luk ka CC - C&D Course UP
2006.09.13 Singapore Laguna National G&CC – Classic Course UP
        Thailand President CC - West&South Course & North & East Course, Wanjiuntr G&NC - Right Green,
              Thana City G&CC, Subhapruek GC, Treasury Hill G&CC, Noble Place CC, Rose Garden GC, Sriracha GC UP
        Taiwan Typhong (台鳳) GC, Tai Kang Shan (大崗山) GC UP
       Japan Miho GC, Meishin Ryuou CC UP
2006.09.03 China Shunde Junan Country Garden (順徳均安碧桂園) GC, Mission Hills (觀瀾湖) GC - Olazabal Course UP
       Japan Nasu Chifuriko CC, Central GC - East Course, Shishido Hills CC - West Course UP
       Thailand Muang Kaew GC UP
2006.08.28 Thailand St.Andrews 2000 which has 2 great par 6, Phoenix G&CC,Wanngjuntr G&NC, Eastern Star CC&R,
       Plutaluang Navy GC - North &West Course UP
2006.08.27 China Shenzen GC - AC Curse, Dongguan Hillview(東莞峰景) GC - AB & CD Course. Pam Isand GC - BC Course
       Zhuhai GC, Hong Kong GC - Old Course UP
       Malaysia Kota Permai G&CC, Templer Park CC, Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam UP
       Switzerland Schlossgut Eppishausen Erlen G&CC UP
2006.08.24 China Mission Hills - World Cup, Vijay, Ozaki & Els Course UP
2006.08.22 Japan Hirono GC (the most reputable in Japan), Naruo GC (within the world top 100) UP
           Forest Miki GC, Nishinasuno CC, Tokyu 700 Club, Kyo CC, Caledonian CC, Takanodai CC UP
2006.08.20 China Nansha GC, Xili CC, Ringani CC in Indoneshia UP
2006.07.31 Hong Kong Hong Kong GC - New, Eden & Old, Macau G&CC, Sek O G&CC UP
       China Guilin Merry-Land GC, Guilin Twin Peak G&RC UP
  South Palms CC, Huizhou GC&R, Agile G&CC - A&B Course UP
2006.07.21 China 6 courses in Hainan Island UP
2006.07.19 Malaysia 6 courses in Kota Kinable & Sabah UP
2006.07.16 Indoneshia 4 courses in Bintan & 2 courses in Bali UP
2006.07.01 China 4 courses in Yunnan including Spring City G&LR UP
2006.07.28 English Version Launched.